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Sailor Moon
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Sailor Mini Moon

Konnichi Wa!
Sailor Chibi Moon, Chibi-Usa Tsukino

Chibi-Usa Tsukino is the future daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Chibi-Usa is very nasty to Usagi and often trys to act more mature than her. Chibi-Usa often trys to steal Mamoru from Usagi which leaves Usagi fuming! Although in battle Sailor Chibi Moon is often just a distraction to the enemy and usually is saved by Sailor Moon or Tuxedo Mask. Chibi-Usa does love Usagi she just finds it difficult to accept the fact that in the future she will be her mother! Chibi-Usa first comes to the past in search for Usagi's Silver Crystal because she needs to save Usagi in the future because she lost the future Silver Crystal. Chibi-Usa soon finds out that she didn't loose the Silver Crystal but that it went into her body! finding this out she transforms into Neo-Princess Serenity and helps kill the Doom Phantom. During the next two Series' Chibi-Usa returns for sailor Scout training and transforms as Sailor Chibi Moon. Chibi-Usa has bright cotton-candy coloured hair which is in the same style as Usagi's only hers has rabbit ears instead of spheres. She has cinnamon coloured eyes. Sailor Chibi Moon's Outfit is Mainly Pink and Yellow with similar ornaments in her hair like her mothers and pink knee-length boots like her mothers.

  • Name (Japanese): ちびうさ Chibiusa 
  • Senshi alias: Sailor Chibi Moon
  • Birthday: June 30
  • Astrological sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: O
  • Favorite colors: Pink and red
  • Hobbies: Collecting rabbit goods
  • Favorite food: Pancakes
  • Least favorite food: Carrots
  • Favorite subject: Drawing
  • Worst subject: Languages
  • Has trouble with: Thunder and lightening, ghosts, vampires, dentists, needles
  • Dream: To become a real lady
  • Soldier title: Soldier of Mystery
  • Guardian planet: The Moon
  • Element: Moon
  • Favorite animals: Rabbit
  • Height: 106cm/3' 6" to 130cm/4' 3"
  • Age: unstated
  • Image gemstone: Diamond
  • School club: Gardening Committee


  • Moon Prism Power Make Up! — Used to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.
  • Moon Crisis Make Up! — Used to transform into Super Sailor Chibi Moon. She uses this transformation in conjunction with Sailor Moon.


    • Luna-P! — Used to change Luna-P into various items. 
    • Luna-P Magic! — This is used to change Luna-P into something innocuous like flowers.
    •  Key of Space-Time — Chibiusa used a special incantation to call upon the Guardian of Time to open the Time Gate.
    • Garlic Attack! — Chibiusa used her garlicy breath to attack a vampire in the SuperS special.
    • Pink Sugar Heart Attack! — Chibiusa's first attack. It shoots pink hearts from her Pink Moon Stick, and in the anime is generally ineffective. It often lacks sufficient range to affect a monster (drooping to the ground), or fails to initiate at all. The damage it deals is the equivalent of a slap or spanking, and it is mostly useful only for distracting the enemy. She once powers it up enough to destroy several of Tellu's possessed plants.
    • Twinkle Yell! — This power is used to call upon Pegasus.
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    Pretty Guardian Sailor Mini Moon!

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