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Sailor Moon
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Tuxedo Mask

Konnichi Wa!
Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru Chiba

Mamoru Chiba is not  sailor soldier because sailor soldiers have to be woman. But Mamoru's star is the Earth so if the earth dies so will he ( Sailor Moon SuperS movie ). Mamoru finds it difficult to show his affections, and often finds woman fighting over him. Usagi's father has a slight problem with Mamoru because he is a college stuadent and he sees Mamoru as way too old for Usagi, Usagi's mother thinks he is great and is always telling Usagi to invite him over for dinner! Tuxedo Mask is the person that rescues Sailor Moon from trouble throughout the story. He wears a black tuxedo, black cape (lined red), and often has a cane with him which he uses sometimes as a sword for defense. He wears a mask and often comes to the rescue just in the nick of time. He is the major romantic interest for Usagi Tsukino.
  • Name (Japanese): 地場まもる Chiba Mamoru 
  • Senshi alias: Tuxedo Mask
  • Birthday: August 3
  • Astrological sign: Leo
  • Blood type: A
  • Favorite colors: Black
  • Hobbies: reading books
  • Favorite food: Chocolate
  • Least favorite food: None
  • Favorite subject: Physics
  • Worst subject: None
  • Has trouble with: other people arguing
  • Dreams: To become a doctor
  • Guardian planet: The Earth
  • Element: Earth
  • Height: 173 cm / 5'8"
  • Age:  20-23 throughout main storyline
  • Red Rose Throw — As Tuxedo Mask, he throws a rose to distract the enemy's attention. The roses are shown to have the power to break magical barriers, destroy forcefields, entrap monsters, and almost anything else required to free the Senshi from harm. The roses apparently also have razor-sharp tips which can be used offensively like throwing knives. He can also throw dozens of roses at once to block attacks.
  • White Rose Throw — As the Moonlight Knight, he throws a rose to distract the enemy's attention. These roses are essentially the same as those used by Tuxedo Mask.
  • Black Rose Throw — As evil Prince Darien, he throws a rose to distract the enemy's attention. Used while he was under the influence of the Dark Kingdom; a thrown rose could grow electrified vines to entrap an enemy.

    Tuxedo Mask does not have a named transformation.

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    Throw a Red Rose!

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