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Sailor Moon
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Sailor Jupiter

Konnichi Wa!
Sailor Jupiter, Makoto Kino

Makoto Kino was the fourth of the Scouts ( Senshi ) Found ( after Sailor Moon ). Makoto Enjoys cooking, cleaning and is known to be very good at fighting. Makoto has brown hair often tied into a ponytail, and Green eyes.Her dominant element is wood, but unusually most of her attacks are based in her secondary power, lightning. This is in reference to the Roman god Jupiter who had used lightning as his main weapon. She is by far the physically strongest of the "inner" senshi, able to lift a full-grown man into the air. Her uniform colors are green and light pink, and she wears short laced-up boots

  • Name (Japanese): 木野まこと Kino Makoto
  • Senshi alias: Sailor Jupiter
  • Birthday: December 5
  • Astrological sign: Sagittarius
  • Blood type: O
  • Favorite colors: Green and pink
  • Hobbies: Cooking, shopping, reading romance novels
  • Favorite food: Cherry pie, meatloaf (duib)
  • Least favorite food: None
  • Favorite subject: Home economics, History
  • Worst subject: Physics
  • Has trouble with: Airplanes (both parents died in plane crash), cheaters
  • Dreams: To own a bakery or flower shop
  • Soldier title: Soldier of Protection
  • Guardian planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Wood
  • Height: 168 cm / 5'6"
  • Age: 14 to 16 throughout the main storyline
  • Favorite animal: Horse
  • School club: Gardening club
  • Transformations

  • Jupiter Star Power Make Up!— Used to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
  • Jupiter Crystal Power Make Up!— Used to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter during the Dreams Saga.


  • Supreme Thunder! — A bolt of lightning is brought down upon an antenna that comes out of Sailor Jupiter's tiara, which she then hurls at her opponent.
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon!— A powered-up variation of 'Supreme Thunder', in which the captured lightning bolt takes on the form of a dragon-like projectile. This attack is only used once.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure! — Sailor Jupiter hurls a ball of compressed lightning at the target, which explodes upon impact.
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution! — An attack that Sailor Jupiter gains in her Super form. She spins in place gathering power and summoning oak leaves, which she then hurls at the enemy.
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    Pretty Guardian Sailor Jupiter!

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