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Sailor Moon
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Sailor Star Fighter

Sailor Star Fighter, Seiya Kou

Seiya Kou is the leader of the Sailor Starlights and the lead vocals for the Three Lights. In general, Seiya acts arrogant and tends to be, at least on the surface, confident in his own abilities.Seiya develops a deep respect and friendship for Usagi because she is a princess, much in the same way Seiya respects Kakyuu for being a princess. In the anime, Taiki and Yaten consider him prone to bouts of childishness (such as when he shows off) his elings for Usagi and his attempts to forge a bond with her provides the primary romantic tension of the season. From their first meeting on, Seiya calls Usagi odango, like Mamoru does. The two go on a date at an amusement park, which prematurely ends when Sailor Iron Mouse attacks. Seiya makes his interest in her clear when they spend time together practicing softball, telling her, "I like your light." However, Seiya's feelings are not fully reciprocated and he acknowledges the one-sided romance. After Galaxia's defeat, before leaving earth, Usagi tells him that they will always be friends.

Sailor Name: Sailor Star Fighter
Earth Name: Seiya Kou
Name Meaning: Starfield Light
Age: 16
Birthday: July 30
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'5"
Hobby: American Football
Club Membership: American Football Club
Responsibilities: Lead Vocal (Keyboard, Writing Lyrics, Composing Music)
Has Trouble With: Girls
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Gemstone: Ruby
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: Literature


Star Serious Laser: Sailor Star Fighter's attack, a focused light blast.


Fighter Star Power, Make-Up!; Changes Seiya into Sailor Star Fighter.


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