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Sailor Moon
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Sailor ChibiChibi Moon

Konnichi Wa
Sailor ChibiChibi Moon, ChibiChibi

Chibichibi is a fictional character in the fifth and final season of the Sailor Moon series. She is estimated to be about two years old, and can't really talk yet, though she knows a few simple words and likes to repeat what other people say (to learn how to talk). In the anime, she mostly says "Chibi" though, hence her nickname.Her red hair is always seen put up in two heart shaped odango, with little ringlets sticking out the sides.A long time ago, Galaxia sealed Chaos inside her own body. Knowing that this would contaminate her starseed, she sent it far away. The starseed took the form of the red-haired Chibichibi, and landed up on Earth where she lived as Usagi's little sister. Chibichibi is also referred to as the "light of hope" (no hikari) by the Starlights, their one chance for defeating Galaxia. She is not only able to transport herself and the senshi around Galaxia's domain freely, she is also able to transform herself into a sword to seal Galaxia away.The Sailor Soldier version of Chibichibi is called "Sailor Chibichibi Moon". Sailor Chibichibi Moon powers up Eternal Sailor Moon's attacks, changing her Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss attack into Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.Shapeshifting - In the final episode, Sailor Chibichibi Moon changed into her original Star Seed form and lent Eternal Sailor Moon her power, and then changed into the Fuuin no Ken, the Sword of Sealing. This was the weapon Galaxia used to seal away Chaos. At first the inner senshi and sailor moon think ChibiChibi might be Usagi and Mamoru's second daughter as she looks like Usagi, but Sailor Pluto tells them that sailor moon and tuxedo mask were only able to have one child, Chibi-Usa. As ChibiChibi can hardly speak, she therefore does not have a spoken transformation.



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