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Sailor Moon
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Konnichi Wa!

Diana is Chibiusa's guardian. Her mother and father are Luna ( Usagi's cat ) and Artemis ( Minako's cat ) she is orchid grey and very cute! Diana first appears in the series SuperS. She arrives from the future and at first, shocks the two elder cats because they are not sure who she is or to whom she belongs. Luna is then led to believe that Artemis cheated on her and had a kitten with another cat, but it is later revealed that she is the daughter of the two. Because she is from a future in which Usagi and Mamoru are Queen and King of Earth, she refers to them with the honorific of -sama. She also calls Chibiusa "Small Lady", as that is Chibiusa's name in the future.


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This is my first Sailor Moon dedicated site! enjoy. i have character biographys pictures and much more!