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Sailor Moon
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Konnichi Wa

Artemis is Minako's Guardian. Although a male cat, Artemis' name comes from the Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis. Minako finds this fact amusing, much to his annoyance. In the earliest episodes of the classic Sailor Moon anime series, Luna communicates with an unseen Artemis using a special game console at the video arcade. When Sailor Venus finally appears, Artemis is revealed. In Episode 37, Luna goes back to check with the game to update on Usagi's status. Suddenly, there are some technical problems, and Artemis appears on the screen, standing in front of a console with a headset on and a can of tuna beside him. Luna becomes very mad at Artemis, saying "So you were the one giving me orders all this time?! Why didn't you ever tell me?" to which Artemis replies, "Well, you never asked until now, so I just sorta of kept on going." Artemis seems more easygoing than Luna, implying despite Minako's wild personality she is more responsible than Usagi. His relationship to her is something of a big brother, although it has been implied he has more than passing romantic affection towards her. Although their relationship seems abrasive at times, Artemis and Luna have a child in the future (who meets them via time travel), an overeager orchid-grey kitten called Diana.


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This is my first Sailor Moon dedicated site! enjoy. i have character biographys pictures and much more!