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Sailor Moon
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Konnichi Wa

While the Kingdom on the Moon still existed, Luna was, along with Artemis, a guardian and probably servant of the first Moon Queen, Queen Serenity, mother of Sailor Moon. She was sent to Earth in order to look after the reincarnation of Princess Serenity. As the series progresses, Luna's and Artemis' daughter Diana comes from the future. Luna is also a Latin word meaning "moon." Luna also appears in Roman mythology as the equivalent to the Greek moon goddess Selene. In sailor Moon Super Movie Luna becomes a beautiful young woman for a little while with long black hair in a similar style to  Usagi's. Luna is Usagi's guardian and can be very tough and nasty to her sometimes but Usagi knows she means well and only wants to protect her.



Luna Mind Meld!

This is my first Sailor Moon dedicated site! enjoy. i have character biographys pictures and much more!