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Sailor Moon
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Sailor Saturn

Konnichi Wa
Sailor Saturn, Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe is the only Senshi who's name was not changed in the English Dub. Hotaru is introduced first as a friend to Chibiusa, but often experiences seizures due to a sickness. It is only much later that she is discovered as a Sailor Soldier, being last of this solar system's soldiers to fully realize her powers. Hotaru tends to be very logical, dependable and loyal. She is also very independant and did not have friends until she met Chibiusa and Usagi. She was said to be quiet and precocious as well as expressionless. She was not popular with her classmates because of her powers and her strange seizures as well as personality changes for being the host of Mistress 9, the evil entity that lived in her after the age of 5. She dresses predominantly in grey and black, although sometimes she wears a cobalt blue coat and a red cap. She is also seen with a garment around her shoulders in her predominant grey/black outfit, and occasionally wore a brown coat. She always wears complete clothing to cover up her body. Hotaru's age fluctuates during the series, since she was first introduced as older, presumably 13 and was later reborn as a baby, then grew back to about the resemblance of a 5 year old, then grew into about a 12 year old. As Sailor Saturn, Hotaru can destroy the world and the solar system to some extent (she did destroy the last remnants of the Silver Millennium kingdom). This disturbing information causes the other Outer Senshi, who are only somewhat aware of her reawakening, to make it part of their mission to "deal" with her. Hotaru has shoulder length hair which is black and has purple tints in it she also has purple eyes. She is known as the Senshi of Silence, and has power over destruction and rebirth. She is especially recognizable for the Silence Glaive she carries, which has the power to bring about the cataclysmic destruction of a world or worlds. However, she has the ability to heal minor wounds in both her civilian and senshi forms. Her uniform is fairly unique, with petal-shaped sleeves and a star brooch (resembling the "Pure Heart Crystals" that appear in the third story arc). Its colors are purple and maroon, and she wears knee-high, laced up boots.
  • Name (Japanese): 土萠ほたる Tomoe Hotaru
  • Senshi alias: Sailor Saturn
  • Birthday: January 6
  • Astrological sign: Capricorn
  • Blood type: AB
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Hobbies: Reading, collecting lamps
  • Favorite food: nihon soba
  • Least favorite food: milk
  • Favorite subject: does not have one
  • Worst subject: Physical Education
  • Has trouble with: Marathons
  • Strong Point: Injury treatment
  • Dreams: To be a nurse
  • Soldier title: Soldier of Silence; Soldier of Destruction; Soldier of Ruin and Birth
  • Guardian planet: Saturn
  • Element: Soil, Death, Destruction [Time by association]
  • Height: fluctuates, 145 cm/4' 9", 40 cm/1'3", 134cm/4' 5" (in order for main heights)
  • Age: 13, newborn, 5, 13 (in order throughout the series)
  • Favorite animal: Panther


Sailor Saturn is the only senshi with no proper transformation (henshin) sequence. The henshin sequence most commonly associated with her actually only appeared in a Sailor Moon video game for Sega Saturn and one for the Playstation.


  • Silent Wall - Sailor Saturn creates a barrier to protect her allies and neutralize attacks.
  • Silence Glaive Surprise - This power is a double-edged attack by which Sailor Saturn can instantly kill an opponent, but must sacrifice herself in the process. Sailor Saturn uses this technique against Nehellenia. She spoke the incantation, and a large sphere of purple light formed around the blade of her Silence Glaive. She then began to bring down her glaive to end the world. After a huge blast of explosive power, she was stopped from completing this at the last moment by Rini/Chibiusa.
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    Pretty Guardian Sailor Saturn

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