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Sailor Moon
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Sailor Venus

Konnichi Wa!
Sailor Venus, Minako Aino

Minako Aino was the first of the Sailor Scouts ( Senshi ) to be found. She fought as Sailor V when she lived in London with her parents. Sailor V's outfit was very different from Sailor Venus' , but lets not get into that! Minako like Usagi has a Guardian cat named artemis. Many people say that Minako and Usagi are very alike, and i myself agree. Minako has long blonde hair which she wears down with a red ribbon tied in it. She has light blue eyes. Minako is quite a bit of a klutz too like Usagi!She refers to herself as the 'Soldier of Love', and many of her special powers are based on this title rather than on any specific element.Her uniform is colored in shades of orange and yellow, with a splash of dark blue.She loves volleyball, a fact which actually comes up several times throughout the series, and is a terrible cook. Minako's greatest dream is to become a famous idol, and she is often shown practicing for this, attending auditions, or obsessing over real idols.
  • Name (Japanese): 愛野美奈子 Aino Minako 
  • Senshi alias: Sailor Venus
  • Birthday: October 22
  • Astrological sign: Libra
  • Blood type: B
  • Favorite colors: Yellow and red
  • Hobbies: Idol chasing
  • Favorite food: curry rice
  • Least favorite food: Shiitake mushrooms
  • Favorite subject: Physical Education
  • Worst subject: Math, English (the language)
  • Has trouble with: Her mother, the police
  • Dreams: To be an idol
  • Soldier title: Soldier of Love
  • Guardian planet: Venus
  • Element: Metal
  • Height: 157.48 cm / 5'2"
  • Age:14 to 16 throughout Sailor Moon storyline
  • Favorite animal: Bird
  • Image gemstone: Topaz
  • School club: Volleyball Club


  • Venus Star Power Make Up!— Used to transform into Sailor Venus.
  • Venus Crystal Power Make Up!— Used to transform into Super Sailor Venus during the Dreams Saga, and into Sailor Venus (similar to Eternal Sailor Moon's form) in the final arc


  • Crescent Beam Smash! — Sailor Venus points and creates a crescent of light, which turns into a beam fired at the enemy. She does not have to use an item with this attack.
  • Crescent Beam Shower! — Sailor Venus fires an enormous speeding shower of Crescent Beams.
  • Venus Love Me Chain! — Sailor Venus creates a chain of metal with which she can either attack enemies as a whip or aid friends as a rope.
  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock! — An attack that Sailor Venus gains in her Super form. She winks and blows a kiss at the opponent, which turns into a golden heart of explosive energy.
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    Pretty Guardian Sailor Venus!

    This is my first Sailor Moon dedicated site! enjoy. i have character biographys pictures and much more!